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It is sometimes hard to have faith in humanity

Walter Rhett on Republican intransigence and fighting ObamaCare

The Republican portrait: It begins that no others than me or mine counts. It pits the heroic individual defending personal responsibility against the pillaging masses. It is they who kill the exalted virtue of pain and pleasure of personal success, its angst and satisfactions. Its targets are socialism, communism finding a beach front in our own hearts. It is, for them, a just cause.

It is perhaps the greatest death spiral seen in modern times, the complete commitment to an ideology of sacrifice to prove worthy of the praise of the wealthy, an anger that rejects any other way.

I describe their positions in order to decode them and to show it’s more than a mean-spirited distrust, a misguided error of judgement, an impotent fit. It is an article of faith for its followers who reside in the districts drawn to circle the coven and give them the power to punish and destroy, to show discipline by taking bounty to their rightful masters.

Beaten and conquered in Europe, forced to serve the manorial lords, these descendants embedded a hidden impulse that rejects the impulse of real freedom and the joy collaborative tolerance; 

Having been marginalized, dejected, their sense of responsibility is absent any restraint—and restraint is necessary for care, They lack the virtue of restraint, They care only for those who celebrate the absence of its virtue, the rich.. Their sense of freedom is confused.

Greed, not giving, is the way of the unrestrained.



Only Cannes Forgives Only God Forgives

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