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Braids - Miniskirt

By Gabriela Tully Claymore

“Miniskirt” is a song about all of the things that make being a woman on this earth seemingly impossible on the best of days. It’s not emoting on the surface level with sob stories about the menstrual cycle and giving birth; it spews the frustrations that we internalize and accept as normal complications of our “still evolving society.” Boys will be boys. It’s not subtle, and thank god for that. Raphaelle Standell inaugurates the track with her russet-tinged voice, “It’s not like I’m feeling much different than a woman my age years ago/ Liberated is what you wanna call it, how about unfairly choked?/ Cause I know some just see my body/ And every girl I know at some point stopped eating / I am not a man hater/ I enjoy them like cake.” Standell inhales sharply and shortly before she expels the following words, “But in my position I’m the slut/ I’m the bitch/ I’m the whore/ The one that you hate.”

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